Saturday, October 16, 2010

Literary Geniuspants

There was a flea
In my tea
It swam round and round
And triangle.


Upon the spotted cat I sat
Upon it did I sit
To rest my aching legs and feet
And to torture it, a little bit.


See saw a pony cried
Mrs Marjorie Davis died
Her eyes fell out
Her ears fell in
Her bum grew fat
And her appendix, thin.


Sweetmeats sweetmeats are good for you
They are ox liver and cow guts too
Mixed up with bits of raccoon poo
And also, shoe polish.


My runny nose runs very fast
Especially when the weather is colder
As to why this is I do not know
Only that it happens so.

One day I'll regret this post

I wish you knew how much I love you-

How you've got me writing cheesy lovethings;
Grudgingly I admit to myself that I am yours.

How my every waking thought is tied to you;
How I don't dream dreams without you.

How falling asleep is hard
When your side of the bed is empty.

How all the beautiful things that are
Don't mean as much as you do to me.