Thursday, March 28, 2013


Essentially a weird attempt at re-imagining this guy, drawing him as he would have looked living different lives. Naruto fans, don't hate on me just because I have no respect for your fandom.

The 'mugshot'. I imagine this story would involve being kidnapped by the Viet Cong.

The 'wizened general'. "War's a-comin', son. Y'gotta learn t'read th'signs."
The "prematurely aged; gotta retire from this ninja life sometime, right?"

Not a portrait of Kate

18 x 24

Attempts at painting fruit: The Blorange

Its' namesake is a particularly colourful curse of mine, repeated to infinity.

Romantic speed-portrait of Spud, bonsai potato

Quick sketches around Central Park

A couple of half (assed) finished sketches of stuff I saw around Central Park before my fingers turned numb from the cold and I started drawing pigs.

This was such a dodgy underpass. I bet this is where seedy drug deals go down and hobos get murdered in their sleep. I'd've gone exploring if not for the fact that it stank like peepees.

Something magical happens to the trees when the weather turns cold - they take on a beautiful, dreamy plum-colour that I tried very hard to capture in this quick sketch (not very well, but you get the general idea).
This is a pig symbolising my frustration at life (thank you gloomy weather) and also my love of bacon.