Saturday, February 19, 2011

She liked to kick them discolights

She liked to kick them discolights
They'd scatter at her feet -
Reflections of electric stars
And her own electric dreams.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bashfarabhad Refugee Camp - Peace Boat Excursion 2010

Towards One World - Danu at the booklaunch


I see you


There's something about
The way he holds a
Cigarette -
Confident; pensive;
A natural veteran -
He wields cancer-sticks
Like bullets
Shoots himself in the lungs
Over and over again.
He uses them to ward off
Anxiety, and time.
But time is patient -
It sits idly by
Until it's ready to
Remind him:
Don't you dare try
To escape me - 

You can't.
But I don't think that he's
Trying to cheat time
With one cigarette, two cigarettes, or nine -
Rather, I think he's
Waiting for
Something or
To give him a reason
To stub it out.


Die, accursed tongue
Swallow yourself
And burn black
So that when you try to speak
You turn to dust
And the hurtful words you meant to deliver
Are carried away with the wind

You do the math - a poem in geometric puns

Your angles are beautiful
They intersect at each
Perfect vertex,
My acute observations reveal
That you may be obtuse
But together you must agree
That we are complementary;
Together, we create the whole.
Though we may run in parallel lines
Remember the things that seek to bisect us
May actually connect us, and will
Only make us stronger.
When the lines of your angles
Connect with mine
You have to agree that
We set things straight.

Love is two together

Love is
You and
Me in
A white
Room on
Sunday with
White gauze
Curtains blowing
Inwards and
Two teacups
On the
Windowsill with
The handles
Touching and
Our song
Is the
Sound of
The sea.

Profile of a tripper

Maybe they're bookmarks

Still life - watercolour teaspoon

Coloured pencils I

Radioactive Batman's severed head

Meanwhile, we were watching TV

Coloured pencil, Marker

Everybody loves stickman

I have no scanner; this photograph 
doesn't do the colours justice.

Portrait of Elizabeth K reclining on a sofa

Blind drawing 
Frankly I'm surprised the subject even looks human.
Coloured Pencil; Marker