Friday, September 15, 2006


Happy Birthday to the littlest sibling, Poochie! Of course you won't be able to read this (at least not now, seeing as you're only three), but in due course, when you're thirty, balding (Thathi's defective genes'll probably get you, knowing our family's luck) and well endowed in the midrif area, we can both take a trip down memory lane.

It terrifies me a little, how fast time flies. Moments are fleeting, intangible things in our world. Like the day I first saw you. I thought: 'damn, are all babies that ugly at birth?!' and then had to reprimand and remind myself that you were my sibling, and that I had to be nice. Of course I never bothered to think like that when THE Sibling was born, but I was only five then.

Will you remember when I first held you, and worried that I'd let you fall?

Will you remember when F, A and I made all those special trips to Thathi's place, just to watch you sleep?

Will you remember that pillow I sewed for you on your first birthday, that was really uncomfortable and unbelievably ugly?

Will you remember when Sibling made you cry, and then squealed and poked you some more because she said your lower lip did that weird pouty thing that made you look so damn cute?

Will you remember that day you found a slug and called it 'Poochie'?

Will you remember running to Thathi every time G, Sibling or I did something you didn't like, and then complained that we were 'troubling you'?

Will you remember that time Haalmassa and I fell asleep and you couldn't stand the thought of being alone so you jumped on our backs and pretended like you weren't trying to wake us?

Will you remember pointing at L's dog's crap and screaming: "PUDDING!" ?

Will you ever remember the atrocities you commited regarding a certain kitty by the ungainly name of 'Chicken'?

Will you remember that you cried everytime we left, even though we promised to come back?

I hope so. Because moments like these mean everything.

Here's to the littlest Poochie.

Happy Birthday :)