Thursday, May 18, 2006


Yes, i know i shold be studying, but i can't resist a doodle now and again. God knows what the heck it is... Vine lady? The unincredible bush? Boob tree? We can only assume so much...

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Aah, Vijay. Who could forget this brown-nosing assistant librarian? With his good looks and boyish charm, he's always the centre of attention. This attention may be mostly negative, but that is of no concern to us.

Himmy and i really went to town with this :D
True, my almanac's rating has suddenly shot up to "R", but one cannot deny that if you squint really really really hard, this could actually look like Vijay! Pardon the fact that this caricature is 'anatomically correct' (is it though?)

We really need to find something more constructive to do with our free time...

The God of Carrots! I must say, DW looks smashing!
(DW, Tammy and I)

Sketch of a model from a random magazine. Speaking of mags, doesn't it piss you off that all of them consist of 95% ads, 3% editor's notes, and an additional 2% of articles addressing issues that nobody cares about!?
Yes, i know that this woman looks disfigured. So sue me.

Aah, my baby. Our piece for the art exhibtion- a 6ft box. All sorts of paint - acrylic, watercolours, wallpaint - on plywood. We discovered too late that the wood absorbed most of the paint, making the scenes seem dull. Sighs. Damn our cheap-ass school to hell. Himansu and i really did a lot better than i anticipated. GO, TEAM!
(Special thanks to everyone else who helped, too!! Rarararara ; Zainab; Lakmini...etc)

Mucked around with Himmy's 'Transformation of the Parasite'. Sorta looks like it's on fire...


A Levels began on the 15th of May...i'm going insane. So far i've messed up History unit3, and Bio W1. Joy!
Also, I am moulting.

Was really flattered when Charlotte pointed out that someone (Dilsiri, right?) liked my art enough to put it up on his blog. God, i love you. You are the cream in my cream bun, the mango on my mango tree, the issa on my isso vade, the -

Ookk....and here i am descending into mental freakoutedness. I'd better sign off before it spreads.

Until next time,