Thursday, January 04, 2007

The adventures of Anj and Tammy 4

Th Adventures of Anj and Tammy
Chapter 4

The cheque lay in my hands like a little neon Pink Made in Taiwan Handwarmer.The Velvet Hippo Accountant (Rupert), usually an amiable fellow, glared at me from amongstthe surrounding (metaphorical) shards of fractured Productive Employee Image that Anj and Ihad so casually destroyed.
He was also very very jealous of the money that i was now thedoting owner of.

''You and I will go far my friend,'' i whispered to the cheque.


Anjs forehead and eyes peered over the windowsill.I frowned. This was not right, our office was on the 7th story above the Galle Road, therewas no WAY anj could have...

''SCALED THE WALLS USING A ROPE MADE OF DENTAl FLOSS!!!!!!!!!!???????????'' i shrieked, ever the one to err on the side of caution.

Anj sniggered at my utter gullibility.

''no, you fool, i came up in the lift and THEN climbed out of the next door window.''

Anj and i had relocated from the window to a store room, one floor below. At this rate wewould never get out of this building.

''At this rate, we'll never get out of this building!''

''Well, at least listen to what i found out when i PRETENDED to be a lil crazy...dont COUGH at me like that!!..''

''Ok, so what DID you find out? By the way, Mr. BossPerera gave me a cheque for $100.''

''ReeeeallY,,we need to cash it SOON!'' Anj explained, eyes widening.''Everythings starting to make sense now...rememeber the Saustifigous Plague Bearing Genetcially Modified Hamsters...''

''Yes, anj, that image remains vividly imprinted on my retinas.''

''Well,'' she enthused, waving aside the sarcasm stemming from not having eaten for the last12 hours. No marmite, remember? '' After I fled the building, i saw the Evil White Catstaunter past, and i followed the Lair of Dr. Phlemulus.''

''HOW??? You were only gone for like 7 mins!!''

''...TIME WARP,random physics phenomena, time flies when youre having fun, tammy, i DONTKNOW! it just happend!''

''ok, ok, so, and THEN????''

Anj paused for thought and breath. She sat down on a convenient box, and solemnly watcheda startled familly of hoonas scuttle out accross the floorboards.

'' Phlemulus has amassed all the hamsters in holding area under Mc Donalds. Theres a swarmof THREE THOUSAND of the vicious sqeeatures, waiting for Phlemulus to unleash them intothe water system. I SAW THEM!!!''

''Sqeaking masses of fur, fleas, leptospirosis and Saustifigous Plague?''I inquired politely.



''Finally, i managed to sneak away unnoticed, although i did see that diabetic white felinetwitch suspiciously. BUt, i DO know when they will be released, 4 hours after the next power cut.''

''And when exactly is that?''

''Four hours after the next power cut.''

''Aha. I see.''

There WAS a flaw in this statement, i was pretty sure, it was just proving difficult to see Where exactly...

''Four hours after the next power cut.'' I muttered to myself.

''Four hours after the next power cut.''Anj repeated after me.

''Four hours after the next power cut.'' I turned and glared at her.

''Four hours after the next power cut?''She stAred back at me, a puzzled look on her face.

''Four hours after the next power cut!!!''I raised my voice in panic.

Eyes wide with fear,we both screamed.''FOUR HOURS AFTER THE NEXT POWER CUT!!!!"

Why do I keep saying that? I thought,as blood rushed to my frightened brain. I tried tospeak that very thought aloud, instead, i yelled.''FOUR HOURS AFTER THE NEXT POWER CUT!!!!''

With a crushing feeling of dread, that was mirrored in anj's eyes, i realised that these were now the only words i was physically capable of uttering. Roll on Saustifigous Plague..........