Monday, May 20, 2013

Space, apparently


Post-apocalyptic fairy tales - Sleeping Beauty

They find her buried deep in the ruins of the old city. Her eyes are black and empty. "Looks like the old girl's been powered down since the uprising," says Gretel, climbing over the rubble. "What is it?" asks Hansel curiously. He's heard stories about the old times, of course, but it's his first glimpse into the past and he feels strangely uneasy. "It's a 'borg," says Gretel knowingly. "Looks like an Oracle." She reaches out a hand as if to brush off the cobwebs but stops halfway. There's something about the Oracle that seems sacred and even Gretel - brash, fearless Gretel - stands back reverently. When she speaks again her voice has dropped to a hush. "That there's a piece of history; the beginning of the end." Hansel can't think of anything to say; he ends up staring into the cyborg's dead eyes and imagines he sees a spark of life in them.