Friday, October 05, 2007


Orange! Sweet, sun-kissed orange
You warm the cockles of my heart
And the soles of my feet.

Orange! Vibrant, welcoming orange
You vivacious, wonderful thing
That gives life to neon street signs.

Orange! Tender, juicy orange
You light up the world, you light up my life
You draw attention away from my ugly toes (Because my shoes are orange, duh.)

Orange! My Exciting, gentle, citrussy orange
You are so very bright and orange
Like an orange.

Orange! Pungent, aromatic orange
I bathe my hair in your life-juices
For you are purely orange juice.

Orange! I love you so!
You warm the cockles of my feet
And you give life to neon street signs.
You are tender and gentle, juicy and exciting
You carry the greatness of your kind within your weary peel
Orange! There is only one word that would do your splendor justice
And that word that sums you up is simply...

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like it...