Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Adventures of Anj and Tammy - 3

Chapter three

“Tell me I’m dreaming.”

“You’re dreaming.”

Tammy turned to face me, aggravated. “Gee, thanks!” she said sarcastically.

“You asked.” I said, shrugging. “Now, are you ready to listen to my theory?”


“Okay. So, we both know that the evil genius, Dr. Phlemulus Alikakka lives in a secret laboratory under a bush in Peru, right?”


“And do we know what his uncle does for a living?”

“He’s a….plumber?”



“And what is his favourite animal?”


“Take your time.”


“Very good. And what are Hamsters?”


“Besides that.”






“They’re rodents!”

Comprehension dawned on my companion’s features. “Ooooh!” she said.

“Indeed! And what do we know about rodents?”

“The plague!”
she gasped, and clasped her hands over her mouth in horror.


“So what you’re saying is that Dr. Phlemulus is planning to release little hamsters infected with the plague into the plumbing of this city and unleash a wave of terror to turn its populace into mindless flesh-eating zombies?!”









“Look here, ladies,” interrupted our boss, who’d been observing our diatribe for the past fifteen minutes, “either get some work done, or get out. Labour’s expendable, you know.”

“CAPITALIST!” I screamed.



“Anj!” wailed Tammy, embarrassed.










With a final cry, I threw myself out of Tammy’s cubicle and ran down the stairs, raving like a lunatic.

Sighing, my boss gave Tammy a cheque for a hundred dollars. “Here,” he said. “Get yourself some sleeping tablets. And while you’re at it, get Anj some professional help.”

“I think she’s beyond that, sir.”

“I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Indeed, sir. Goodbye.”


NOTICE : It's come to my attention that people are taking offence at the title of my blog. Therefore I'm open to suggestions. Seriously, this is getting annoying. Grow up, will you? I'm not a satanist!


Suresh T said...

How about MaggieKadimai, it's from AbKing Pro, means Maggie Awesome. BTW can you please get me Aunty Amina's phone number.

Twiggy said...

why i dont see anything wrong with it but.... how about Plane Tea..... kkekeke just the way pilawoose spells it... im just kiddin kekeke oh by the way i want more pictures....draw draw draw.....

Anonymous said...

U cant change the name!! when ther r so many other things in life to worry about, why waste time wondering IF ANJ HAS SLIGHT SATANIC INCLINATIONS???hello? obviously the Worriers need to worry more about Other Issues. Anywho. Undivine Intervention doesnt immediately evoke images of Satan Brandishing a Toothpick. well, not in my mind at least

Charlotte said...

Anj a Satanist..? tut tut.. People these days eh.. =P

thathechap said...

My biggest poocheeee !!

Thackshila said...

ayyo... tell everyone to go to hell and meet him in person there!!!